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Chef Cheeku's Corner


I was born in January 1967 into a Calcutta Marwari family, the youngest of four children. My dad is a lover of art and my mom a vehement women's rights supporter. I remember being fascinated by all the food that goes through a large Marwari family kitchen. Right from when I was 9, my forays into the kitchen have only resulted in deepening my passion for cooking. Experimenting with the available ingredients in my mum's kitchen was a hobby. Going for Hotel Management seemed only natural and the first step towards becoming a professional chef.

Starting up and running restaurants on my own for the last 10 years. My cooking interest has grown with time and my passion for cooking has led me to experiment with various ethnic and eclectic cuisines. In the last 10 years I have been to many kitchens all over India through my cuisine consulting forays. I feel its my cosmic connection to food and a childlike bliss in the hands on approach that has tied me to the food industry permanently.